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Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance in Cypress, TX.

Mr. Cool AC & Heating Services Cypress TX

Call the professionals at Mr. Cool AC & Heating at 281-859-7937 in Cypress, TX, for a trustworthy and dependable service professional to take care of your air conditioning repair and maintenance.

Identifying And Repairing A Problem With Your Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner is a sophisticated piece of equipment that can provide your home with cold and comfy air when in good working order. The problem, however, is to pinpoint the source of the malfunction within this intricate and complicated machinery.

A skilled and experienced air conditioning professional is required to diagnose the problem. Mr. Cool AC & Heating’s service experts are precisely the people you need for this work.

Causes of a Bad Air Conditioning System

There are several causes for your A/C to stop operating. Some of the most prevalent ones include:

There is not enough refrigerant in the system.

If the cooling system does not have enough refrigerant, it will work harder to create cold air. Air conditioning systems do not consume or emit refrigerant, so if the quantity is low, it is most likely due to a leak or inadequately filled at the time of installation.

The dirt on the condenser coil affects how the air conditioner works.

Dust, grime, and filth can build up on your air conditioner’s condenser coil over time. The condenser coil becomes more difficult to clean when a layer of dirt builds up around it because the refrigerant within the coil cannot condense back to its liquid form.

Blocked air conditioning drain tube:

The warm air meeting the cold evaporator coils cause water droplets to form. This water is collected into a drip pan to be drained away from the system. If the drain line gets clogged, the water can back up and freeze over the evaporator coil, which will stop the system from working.

Sensors or electrical controls that are faulty:

The compressor and fan in the air conditioning system need electricity to work. If there is a problem with the electrical control, the system will not work right.

The system relies on the sensors inside the thermostat to tell it when to turn on and off. A broken or malfunctioning sensor could cause the air conditioning system to always stay on or never come on at all.

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