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AC Filters & Filter Replacement in Cypress, TX.

Mr. Cool AC & Heating Services Cypress TX

For all the A/C needs in your Cypress, TX home, including your air conditioner filter replacements, count on the friendly professionals at Mr. Cool AC & Heating.

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The Importance Of An Air Filter In Your Air Conditioning System

To keep your air conditioning system functioning well, you should always keep it well-maintained. The first task in proper A/C system maintenance is to ensure the filter is always clean.

Your home’s air conditioning system draws warm air through the intake vents, cools it, and then returns it to your house via ductwork. The cooled air is delivered to the ductwork by the fan, passing through the filter to remove tiny dust particles and debris as it goes.

During the hay fever season of summer, when the filter can considerably reduce the number of allergens in your house, this procedure takes on even more significance.

Finally, with time, the filter might get clogged with dirt and dust, preventing thorough circulation of air throughout your property.

If your A/C system runs inefficiently, it may use up to 15% more energy to cool your home.

AC Filter replacement in Cypress TX

Changing The Air Filter

Repairing your house’s air conditioning system is usually a simple procedure for most homeowners.

First, you must determine the sort and size of the replacement filter you’ll need. The filter is usually housed behind a removable panel on the indoor section of the system in most systems.

Suppose you’d rather have a professional do it for you. In that case, one of our service experts will be delighted to install a new filter for you.

We recommend inspecting your filter every month to ensure it hasn’t been clogged by dust and grime.

Once every three months, or as soon as it appears to be dusty, whichever comes first, the filter should be changed.

It’s not a good idea to clean a used filter with a vacuum cleaner or rinse it in water. Since these methods are more likely to harm the filter and decrease its efficiency, allowing dust into your home.

Wrapping out

When it comes to keeping your air conditioning system functioning well, the first step is making sure you keep it clean.

Suppose your A/C system runs inefficiently and uses up to 15% more energy than necessary. In that case, we recommend inspecting your filter every month as soon as it appears dusty or clogged by dust and grime (once every three months if possible).

We’re always happy to help with these tasks; just give us a call at 281-859-7937!

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